Terms Of Service:

These are the rules that are to be followed on all MaximoRust Servers. 

Main Rules:

-No loot stealing, camping or annoying other players. Be friendly and helpful to others .

-No spamming, trolling or advertising in chat, it will result in a mute or even a ban.

-Do not be toxic or racist in any form, be nice to each other.

-Any form of exploiting the server/plugins in any possible way will result in a perm ban. Rather report the bug than exploit it for your own benefits.

-No cheats, 3rd party esp or aiming hacks/bots. Doing so will result in a perm ban. No appeals

-Do not interfere with Contests and Events owned by other players.

-Enjoy your stay on our server and be helpful to let others have fun as well.

Discord Rules:

  • Follow Discord TOS
  • Do not self advertise via mutual-member PMs.
  • Do not spam unnecessary things.
  • Respect admins and other Discord staff trying to help.
  • Don't advertise your streams/videos etc if it's not MaximoRust content.
  • Don't post Discord invite links in here, it will result in a Discord chat mute.
  • Don't advertise other Rust servers in our Discord, you'll get banned. If we can find your Steam ID too, that'll also be banned.
  • Don't be racist or homophobic in here, this is meant to be a place for people to come without feeling uncomfortable or offended.
  • Don't post any sort of pornography, nudity or NSFW in any channel.
  • Don't react to any message with racial slurs or emotes. You will lose permissions for reacting, repeat offensives of other rules will result in a ban.

    Shop Rules:

    - All Purchases are non-refundable.
    - Attempt to charge back or scam the Maximo Network will result in a permanent blacklist.
    - All information is private and will not be shared with any outside sources.